We support any and every business model

Yours included

For us, there are no boundaries as to which business can benefit from our services. That means with KENFORX Crowd Intelligence we can work with any industrial sector there is and that also includes the sectors developing currently.
We know that every sector has its own characteristics and ever-changing needs—and that is where our model shines. Challenge us and see what we can do for you!

Finance | Insurance

How will economic values that are linked to the granting of credits develop?
How can the result of scenario X be estimated?

Market Research

How will demand of product X develop?
Which introductory price can be placed and how will it develop?
How will the market of industrial sector X develop?

Government | Public Sector

Smart City: Direct Participation of citizens by collective predictions.

Issues of court orders
Decisions of council on specific topics


New and strong tool for loyalty
Direct communication with fans and public
Who will win the tournament?
Which player will be the most successful in the next game?


How will sellings develop in the next years?
By which events are sellings influenced?

  • Increase of margin by 0.5 to 2%
  • Reduction of remnants and underproduction by 50% each


How will freight volumes develop?
How can the result of scenario X be estimated?








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