Let all Departments participate

Or select among them

Whatever your preference or the requirements of your project—we got you covered! With KENFORX Crowd Intelligence you decide, whom you want to integrate. Be it certain departments of your organization or all of them. And for each department there is an unlimited set of questions you can ask in your project.

Risk Management | Compliance | M&A

Which risk factors are to be adressed in planning or in the project?
How are political structure and threat of war developing in export countries?
How can our staff be integrated playfully?
How can the process of integration be monitored and visualized?

Enterprise Strategy | Innovation | R&D

How relevant is a specific future scenario for our corporation?
What product ideas has our staff and how good are they?
What product innovation is possible and which one is the best?
How well will new technology X be accepted in the public?

Marketing | Communications

What is the best point in time to introduce the new product?
How will the market react to change of price or product feature?
How many customers will visit the road show?
How can communication on technical topics be designed playfully?

HR | People Insight

How can target indicators of CIP be monitored?
How can our key numbers in HR be estimated?
How will the results of the next staff survey develop?
How can the satisfaction or fluctuation of staff be predicted?
How can we activate and include our staff?

Sales | Project Management

How will selling, sales price or sales key numbers develop?
What will the operating grade be next year?
How will the total cost of project X develop?
Will the project goals be reached in time?