Product Overview

  • KENFORX Forecast

    KENFORX Forecast
    • Prediction of absolute and relative product sales
    • Prediction of successful marketing campaigns
    • Estimation of economic parameters
    • Prediction of discontinuities
  • KENFORX Innovation

    KENFORX Innovation
    • Management of the entire innovation process
    • Assessment of market opportunities and products during their development
    • Development and enhancement of new products
    • Anticipation of discontinuities in the product line
  • KENFORX Project Controlling

    KENFORX Project Controlling
    • Management tool for research and development projects
    • Time, task and budget planning
    • Support for project decisions
  • KENFORX Community

    KENFORX Community
    • Direct communication between internal and external experts
    • Building communities with portals, blogs, ...
    • Increased loyalty of customers, suppliers, brokers, intermediaries, developers and employees to your company
  • KENFORX Games

    KENFORX Games
    • Creation and operation of web forecasting games to increase customer loyalty
    • Integration of current events into your marketing activities
    • Examples: sports predictions for championships and poll projection