KENFORX in Your Industry

Knowing and communicating your targets and is the first step. Measuring and keeping track of achievements, predicting and communicating results the second. With KENFORX you integrate your networks directly into your relevant economic questions. This enables you to get precise answers to your questions and simultaneously brings your networks into line.

  • HR | People Insight

    KENFORX Prognose
    • How can target figures in CIP processes be monitored
    • How could we measure our key figures in the HR area
    • How will the results of the employee survey evolve
    • How could we predict employee satisfaction or fluctuation
    • How can we enable and involve our employees
  • Corporate Strategy | Innovation | R&D

    KENFORX Innovation
    • How relevant is a specific scenario for our company
    • What product ideas are among the workforce and how good are they
    • What product innovation are possible and which are the best
    • How will society accept the new technology xy
  • Marketing | Communication

    KENFORX Projectcontrolling
    • Which date is the most favourable for the introduction of the new product
    • How will the market react to changes of price or product properties
    • How many customers will come to see the roadshow
    • How can we gamify the communcation to out technical topics
  • Risik Management | Compliance | M&A

    KENFORX Community
    • What risk factors lie in planning or in the project
    • Who will the political structure or the risk of war evolve in our export countries
    • How could we integrate our workfores in a ludic way
    • How can we monitor integration processes direcly and make them transparent
  • Sales | Project Management

    KENFORX Games
    • How will figures of sales, sales price or sales KPI evolve
    • What does the level of plant availability look like next year
    • How will the total cost of project xy evolve
    • Will the project object be met in time