KENFORX in Your Division

Knowing and communicating your targets and is the first step. Measuring and keeping track of achievements, predicting and communicating results the second. With KENFORX you integrate your networks directly into your relevant economic questions. This enables you to get precise answers to your questions and simultaneously brings your networks into line.

  • Banks | Insurances

    KENFORX Prognose
    • How will the economical figures evolve, that concerned by granting loans
    • How can we estimate the result of of scenario xy
  • Market Research

    KENFORX Innovation
    • How will the demand develop for product xy
    • Which price can be set for new products and how will it develop
    • How will the market of sector xy develop
  • Logistics

    KENFORX Projectcontrolling
    • How will the freigh volumina evolve
    • How can we estimate the result of scenario xy
  • Sports

    KENFORX Community
    • New strong social binding tool
    • Direct communication with the public and fans
    • Who will win the tournament
    • Which players will be most stuccessful in the next game
  • Fashion

    KENFORX Games
    • How will the sales develop within the upcoming years
    • Which events affect the sales
      • Incease of the sales margin by 0.5 to 2%
      • Reduction of remaining stock and underproduction by 50% each
  • Public Sector

    KENFORX Games
    • Smart City: Direct public participation via collective predictions
      • Outcome of court decisions
      • Decisions by the municipal council for certain topics
      • Outcome of municipal, landgrave, parliament or mayer elections