Who we are

At KENFORX we work on knowledge. Our solutions are designed to find the best knowledge to a certain question and form that as a direct to use decision support.

ken describes the knowledge in general. forx is derived from  'to forge' which means to form or bring something into shape or being.


KENFORX started operations in 2008 begann as a Spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, a joint venture of the university and the research center in Karlsruhe. Team, knowledge, and practice from more than 10 years of research and project development in the area of  Crowd Intelligence and Prediction Markets were tied together in the FSM Group. The FSM Group merged to KENFORX in 2011.


Today KENFORX has the know-how and techniques to successfully execute projects of all scale. Standard products for several areas of application are available. Besides KENFORX offers tailor-made solutions, depending of the project's economical  and research aspects.